Spring is finally here! This is a great chance for facility managers and building owners to review their cleaning programs and plan for spring. Daily cleaning tasks and deep cleaning initiatives go a long way toward preparing a facility for a new season of occupants and visitors. Here are a few…

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Pinnacle Pets located in Grove City, Ohio

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Natural lighting is a great way to save energy and help the lighting in your building, but it is not always a cheap fix. The interior sections of a building are often left without any natural light post-retrofit and still require consistent conventional lighting, which causes the energy bill to…

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When you walk into a building in winter you often find yourself bringing the winter hazards with you as well. The ideal entryway in a building will have a flooring system that protects occupants from injury and the rest of the building from outdoor elements that find their way inside.

Providing the…

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Cold and flu season is unfortunately upon us. As a facility manager there are things you can and should be doing to help your building occupants stay happy and healthy during these winter months. 80% of illness-causing germs are spread through touch according to the CDC, cleaning and disinfecting is…

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People working in green buildings think better in the office and sleep better when they get home, a new study has revealed. The research indicates that better ventilation, lighting and heat control improves workers’ performance and could boost their productivity by thousands of dollars a year.…

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With the winter season only a few weeks away, now is the time to begin preparing your building for the colder months. While it may not seem necessary right now, doing these things will help to keep your building more efficient and your employees happy.

  1. Keep an eye on the weather– While this…

The health and wellbeing of your building’s occupants isn’t just something for human resources to think about. Facilities managers can plan an important role in making sure the people who work in your building are happy, healthy and active. Incorporate active design elements in your…

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Debunking Workplace Acoustics

There are many factors that are important to keep in mind when constructing a space that is going to be used as a work space. You want to give your employees a workplace that encourages productivity and open mindedness. Of all the factors that affect workplace…

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Your company has chosen to build a commercial construction property, what great news! But what happens next? You have to select a site where you are going to build this new property. The following are a few factors which must be taken into consideration when selecting a site for a commercial…

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Replacing the windows in your structure is not an easy or cheap task. Existing windows that are old and inefficient could be costing you more though. The opportunity to upgrade your windows does not come around often but when it does, it is an opportunity for owners to maximize their return.


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We are looking for the following:

Senior Estimator
Degree and five years’ experience preferred. The Senior Estimator is responsible for:
· Project from initial design phase, including design consultant coordination
· Conceptual estimating
· Constructability review
· Over…

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