Winter is a dangerous time for construction workers, with black ice on walkways, gusting winds, sub-zero temperatures, rooftop snow drifts and other hazards. Managers know this, which is why they prefer building projects in the warmer months. But this isn’t always possible, anyone can be struck by winter storm damage.


When hiring a commercial building contractor during winter, you should ensure the contractor is fully insured and has a lot of experience working in the weather conditions. Also ask about winter safety precautions and you should expect to hear that the contractor will follow winter safety tips like these:


1.Dress appropriately

Several layers of dry and warm clothing, especially a hat, are especially to fight hypothermia. Boots must be water resistant, have lots of grip and be well insulated, extra socks are always a good just in case to have.


2.Go slow and carefully

Every movement is more dangerous in the winter, construction workers must keep up a reasonable pace to merit their pay so being careful is important. Proper lifting posture is critical in the cold, as heavy loads put greater strain on the heart in cold temperatures.


3.Inspect the work site

Inspection, identification and removal of any problems should be done every morning before work. Everything should be uncovered from snow and ice patches should be salted or broken up.


4.Be cautious on roofs

Ladders and roof rakes should be used whenever possible to avoid the needs to walk on a roof in winter. If walking on a roof is unavoidable, the area should first be swept off and inspected to take on weight.


5.Keep entryways dry

There must be absorbent rug inside the entrance to prevent puddling if workers are going in and out of buildings for breaks. Ice can be prevented from boot melt-off if a snow-melting mat is just outside the door.


Sometimes work cannot be delayed, and winter is more dangerous for construction work. By following these safety tips, your commercial building contractor can minimize risks and still get the job done in reasonable amount of time.

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